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About The Reader



Hi, my name is Caterina and I have a passion for the art of divining the Tarot cards. My talent and skill as a tarot card reader arrived at a significant time in my life where believe it or not, church and counseling did not help but the Tarot cards did!


This is not to say I don’t believe in religion.  My deck of 78 cards soon became my friend and in helping myself, in time I found I could help others too.  In addition to my dedication and commitment in research, and study in psychic development throughout the years; I bring to you affordable, honest, friendly, insightful Tarot card readings on Home & Family; Career, Goals, Study & Aspirations; Finances & Security, general Health & Well-being questions; Relationships, Travel, and overall influences in your life.  My services are specifically email tarot readings.


They are not automated readings. The highest guidance, help and wisdom is sought in each and every reading with all readings being confidentially guaranteed. My soul aim and desire is to help others face life, difficult circumstances or change with hope, inner strength and courage in making the right decisions that feel right for you.


In doing that, I have achieved my goal. I believe in making my readings affordable because those who truly wish to find, follow and fulfill their spiritual path on this journey called “life”, should not be charged exorbitant amounts of money.


I will be prompt, honest, friendly and respectful in all communications and transactions with my clients.

Readings are normally delivered via E-mail, Facebook Messenger or through Fiverr, as an attachment in Word Format.

Love, light and blessings





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