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​Weekly forecast for 6th - 12th April 2020


​​​Free weekly forecast for all signs of the zodiac.


Find out what's in store for your star sign each week by Aussie intuitive Caterina.

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ARIES – The Ram - March 21 - April 19

Happy Birthday all Aries folk celebrating this month!

Lots of talks are in store this week, Aries.  Great week for buying and selling, marketing, with negotiations reached or choices discussed.  Agreements will be forthcoming after much discussion and consolidation.  However, the key is to keep the lines of communication open for success.  It’s all about sourcing the right people, products and reaching choices through successful talks or a chance to have a talk!  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and ask that which you truly desire and that which suits your needs.  Discussions, deals or negotiations could be strongly supported.

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TAURUS - The Bull - April 20 - May 20

Matters may be moving slowly, particularly in financial or business

areas this week, Taurus.  However, it may be a great opportunity to step back long enough to re-assess situations to see if you’re on the right path by looking at all factors instead of one.  It’s all about slowing down anything that needs to be rushed or forced and getting a chance to see how situations can be manifesting better.   You are urged not to rush, but rather slow down and take your time, re-assess choices or decisions before committing.


GEMINI - The Twins - May 21 - June 20

Indecision and confusion may dominate your week.  You may find yourself at a crossroad with decisions, not knowing which way to go and not knowing what the outcome may be until other factors are revealed.  You may be procrastinating back and forth with stagnation however it could lead to two options or two courses of action.  Don’t allow circumstances to cloud your ability to make the right decisions.  Indecision is a decision, a time of just “waiting it out to see what happens”.  Wait until matters are fully revealed or for circumstances to fall into place before you rush into anything this week.

CANCER – The Crab – June 21 - July 22

You may find yourself looking at avenues concerning career, study or money this week, Cancer. The effort you put into a situation will prosper.  Your contribution to teamwork or a task oriented team where you are working cooperatively with others toward a common goal will see your hard earned efforts gaining some acknowledgement from those in places or positions to open doors or make things happen for you!  A week of working productively with others and not having to do it all yourself but one where you contribution is recognised!

LEO – The Lion – July 23 – August 22

A week of building confidence enough to be able to accept, commit or follow through with decisions whether it be entering an important commitment such as a partnership, a decision to have a child, start a new path, or just feel good about yourself.  This week there is a strong period relating to emotional happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Others may be connecting with the home and family with celebrations, births, birthdays or sharing joyous news of pregnancies or children this week. 

VIRGO – The Virgin – August 23 – September 22

This week, you will be very reflective in taking the time to look at that, which is important to yourself.  You may find yourself ready to temporarily withdraw and retreat from life, enjoying your own company and independence.  Time spent alone will be therapeutic as you focus on more of what you want rather than what you may accept.   You will be looking at what is important to you, what is in your best interest and how best to achieve your goals. You are taking a strong look at your personal directions in life, that which is important to your happiness and in taking the opportunity to implement the changes you desire. 

LIBRA – The Scales – September 22 – October 23

You may find this week a juggling act between that which you may need to do and that which you wish to do.  There may be a need to sort out finances and commitments to be more in line with what you wish to accomplish.  You’re juggling your money, time and energy to getting everything finalised and weighing up several options to manage your current situation, there could also be a choice between two.  All in all, plenty of running around and phone calls to make with many ups and downs before situations even themselves out. 


SCORPIO - The Scorpion - October 23 - November 23

An outcome or verdict is in your favour this week.  Life is balancing out harmoniously with good outcomes across all aspects of life.  Matters seem to be turning out in your favour.  This week will see equality, fairness, balance, harmony, honesty with all people and situations.  For others, there is a positive outcome with legalities, agreements, courts or law.  Some may be entering a partnership, signing a contract or finding this week favours all relationships.  Whatever the situation, you can be assured it will be a favorable outcome for all concerned.

SAGITTARIUS - The Archer - November 22 - December 21

This week Sagittarius, the universe is offering you an opportunity to step outside of your usual comfort zones to enjoy yourself more.  You’ll find yourself considering a trip away, looking at taking on a new path in life through new attitudes, plans or just turning over a new leaf.  No matter what your interest is, you are open to a new direction of travel and change through new experiences that will bring a time of being devoted to positive changes and outcomes!

CAPRICORN – The Goat – December 22 - January 19

You may find yourself deciding the next move, looking over your matters, re-assessing and making decisions in regard to your home, business, property matters or travel, this week Capricorn.  It’s all about future planning.  You may be in-between or between two situations with a couple of options available to you.  You could be living or travelling between two places.  An important week of looking over matters to sort, delegate and put things into place.  Sorting out finances.  For some possible travel or relocation to the country or an overseas country may be discussed.

AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer – January 20 – February 18


A busy week with news of all kinds reaching your ears. You may find yourself spending a lot of time corresponding, talking or catching up with information.  You will be busily occupied with receiving and forwarding on conversations, correspondence, news, messages, information or just communicating with people, places or organisations.  You will be an active participant in all that is

happening.   Many messages may see a busy week ahead with plans happening, and some pleasant surprise/s, or good results in store.





PISCES – The Fish – February 19 – March 20

This week reflects much balance, mutual respect and harmony in relationships with others.   It may typically point to a one on one relationship being supportive, nurturing and fulfilling however you may be also joining forces with others as it also points to the positive partnership of two entities, people, groups, ideas or talents.   This week will see a favourable time for talks, strong connections and commitments that will find positive news and solutions being worth your time and energy.  All forms of communication will bring positive feedback and solutions.




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