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Caterina's Tarotscopes

​Weekly forecast for 2 - 8 October 2023


​​​Free weekly forecast for all signs of the zodiac.


Find out what's in store for your star sign each week by Aussie intuitive Caterina.

Tarotscopes updated weekly from Monday to Sunday and are now mobile friendly!


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ARIES – The Ram - March 21 - April 19

A week of building confidence enough to be able to accept, commit or follow through with decisions whether it be entering an important commitment such as a partnership, a decision to have a child, start a new path, or just feel good about yourself.  Aries, this week there is a strong period relating to emotional happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Others may be connecting with the home and family with celebrations, births, birthdays or sharing joyous news of pregnancies or children this week.  You’re happy and content with your surroundings, feeling a sense of self-worth and confidence as your focus is on the home and commitments and in being emotionally happy.


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TAURUS - The Bull - April 20 - May 20

  Taurus, you may find yourself at a crossroad this week and going through a period of re-assessment as you weigh up the pros and cons of change.  You will be looking at matters from all angles.  It could mean that you may need to make some sacrifices when it comes to your work, career or personal goals to get to where you want to be.  Changes are inevitable and you may have no option but to make the necessary changes or follow new rules being implemented.  It could be that you need to make a decision that will bring a new direction or pathway this week.


GEMINI - The Twins - May 21 - June 20

You may be either dealing with a very strong female in your life or that YOU may need to be strong, with a clear focus and intent this week.  Don’t over think matters.  Stay mentally focused on the facts and determined in making decisions about your future with commitment.  It’s about saying a clear yes or no and moving forward.  You many need to use logic and rationale when it comes to solving problems this week as there may be more to a situation than previously thought.  Re-assess thoughts, however remember to stay focused, firm but also be fair and just.  It may be a week of using common-sense in matters that seem all too confusing.  You’ll find that by staying focused and by re-assessing thoughts and being diplomatic; the most logical approach will work best when making decisions.




CANCER – The Crab – June 21 - July 22

Cancer, this week sees you reaching agreements and making quick decisions on the spot.  You're being spontaneous, enjoying the thrill of a new idea or goal.  You are on the go, ready to create change with passion and enthusiasm and doing something you really have been thinking about for some time.  A fast paced week of making snap decisions and striking while the iron is hot and grabbing the better opportunity whilst you can. Some may be signing papers or closing off on a deal, situation or matter!  At the same time, however, you may be prone to rushing things and be blinded to potential challenges and consequences of your actions, so there is a need to be balanced with a realization of responsibility and compassion too. 


LEO – The Lion – July 23 – August 22

You may find matters unsettled and not knowing which way is best as conflictive views, interests, petty arguments or hurt feelings may dominate your week.  You may find yourself easily hurt or take others’ word to heart.  It may be a week of being with the sadness for as long as it serves you, or in growing a thick skin and being stronger so as to avoid the pain altogether.  Settlements, agreements or talks may be uncertain or could take a bit to settle however a resolution will come. Leo, it may be a week of conflict and unsettlement until situations calm down.  Look for the blessing, know it is temporary, it will pass and matters will settle again. 


VIRGO – The Virgin – August 23 – September 22

Opportunities may be arising or you may be open to offers this

week to put some of your own personal goals into place.  The offer is an opportunity to listen to your dreams, follow your passions and look at available opportunities around you that will be emotionally fulfilling, rewarding as well as creative and that will encourage success.  It will give you the chance to put your dreams and aspirations into action rather than dreaming about them and doing something you have always wanted.  For others, a trip may also be in order in connection with

a place near water.  For some, a highly sensitive, intuitive, emotional young person in your circle may be significant this week.

LIBRA – The Scales – September 22 – October 23

Happy Birthday all Libra folk celebrating this month!

This week you are being asked to make a transition, leaving behind something that was no longer working for you in order to embrace something new.  As such you may find yourself looking at ways in which you can make improvements.  So, whether it be your health, finances, travel, work, or your personal goals, you are moving in the right direction as good improvements will happen quickly.  You may find yourself implementing improvements this week but that which may continue over the next 6 months.  You will begin to see the light at the end of tunnel and move towards calmer waters with stability ahead.  Libra, just have faith in a situation righting itself and bringing speedy improvements.  You’re moving forward either physically or mentally with travel and moves of all kinds forecast which will prove beneficial.


SCORPIO - The Scorpion - October 23 - November 23

You may find yourself unsettled or restless this week and thus initiating as many changes as possible in order to satisfy your need for stimulus.  You feel the need for change.  You may find yourself planning trips, searching for interesting things to do or initiating new plans and goals to improve upon your current situations.  Whatever it may be, it’s all about experiencing new things and new paths.  Expect a busier week ahead than usual due to plans or commitments.  You’re initiating the right changes and putting plans into action!  For others, travel and overseas connections feature strongly. A week of many happenings both locally and at a distance.


SAGITTARIUS - The Archer - November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius, its a  perfect week to take the initiative on a matter that is important to you.  This week brings a surprise turn of events as you take a leap of faith into the unknown and act on inspiration to see what crystalizes later on.  This week will see you adopting a light hearted energy to all that you do, by being open to a new time, era or direction, a new beginning either mentally, emotionally or spiritually in nature.  You’re stepping out of your comfort zones with a whole new perspective, being open to all possibilities, letting go and trusting everything will just fall into place with better outcomes.


CAPRICORN – The Goat – December 22 - January 19


This week family, small celebrations or gatherings with those who are important and significant in your social and emotional well being could influence your plans.  There is plenty of news reaching your home this week.  Take the time to enjoy pleasant interactions, catch ups or be in contact with those who share your enthusiasm for life. A highly social week for re-connecting, enjoying life and feeling happy and settled!  The family, pregnancy, births, children will be significant this week.  It can also mean a satisfactory outcome or conclusion to a matter of which you’re enquiring.


AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer – January 20 – February 18


You may find yourself stressing about money, work, relationships or friendships this week.  Worry over work, bills or problems in general may see you having more on your plate than usual. There is an obvious air of tension and frustration and in feeling powerless to change situations.  There may be a change with incomes, finances or career areas that may impact on your security and daily decisions and that which could be adding extra pressure.  It may be a week of looking at ways to fix, mend or work through uncertainty and how to build upon that which you know will bring improvements in returning situations to normalcy.

PISCES – The Fish – February 19 – March 20

Pisces, your focus is on creating the right balance and foundations in your life pertaining to stability. This week sees a strong pull towards building the right foundations, structure, support and stability you desire in your life.   It may be a matter of going back to the basics - focusing on stabilising your career, finances, family and love areas of your life that will have you feeling more stable, settled and reassured in your life direction.  This may include financial and support concerns.  It’s all about staying determined and focused and making level headed, practical decisions which will bring success in overcoming obstacles.

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