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​Weekly forecast for 23 - 29 May 2022


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Find out what's in store for your star sign each week by Aussie intuitive Caterina.

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ARIES – The Ram - March 21 - April 19

This week reflects much balance, mutual respect and harmony in relationships with others.   It may typically point to a one on one relationship being supportive, nurturing and fulfilling however you

may be also joining forces with others as it also points to the positive partnership of two entities, people, groups, ideas or talents.   This week will see a favourable time for talks, strong connections and commitments that will find positive news and solutions being worth your time and energy.  All forms of communication will bring positive feedback and solutions.


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TAURUS - The Bull - April 20 - May 20

A week of having a strong set of morals, values and beliefs to fall back on and in wanting to do the right or moral thing by everyone.  Someone may need your guidance or support, or you, yourself may be grateful and blessed for the support, understanding, guidance of someone who is willing to assist you on a particular matter this week.  You may find yourself dealing with situations which require compassion, diplomacy and an empathetic understanding.  Be open to the help you receive from others to give you direction or advice which, may enable you to see a bigger prospective on current circumstances.  For others, you may attend a special function like a wedding, christening, funeral or perhaps solidify the importance of a milestone. 



GEMINI - The Twins - May 21 - June 20

Happy Birthday all Gemini folk celebrating this week.

Be prepared to go with the flow and adapt to circumstances.  You can expect some unexpected changes in situations, circumstances or outcomes this week, that may just pop up out of the blue.  Everything may change rapidly creating disruption.  This could be from last minute sudden changes to plans or decisions, major shifts, relocation, travel, movement or even changes in feelings.  It could be a trying week of challenges and upheaval which may create a little disruption until things settle down however these changes may be necessary in order to shake off old lose foundations enabling a more positive time to unfold ahead.



CANCER – The Crab – June 21 - July 22

Cancer, your plans are underway!  You are starting to consider even more opportunities to expand on your current plans and maximize on your potential future.  You may find several opportunities will arrive and present themselves to expand your horizons, through study, travel, business enterprise, learning or just following that passion and seeing something important to you start to materialise!  Doors will be opening to see your plans come to fruition with much potential, it will be up to you to decide which opportunities you’ll take or decide upon.                   

LEO – The Lion – July 23 – August 22

You may find yourself seeking better financial security and stability through your home, finances and career areas by saving money, paying off debts and living within your means.  Discussions about money or arrangements will prove successful this week.  There’s a strong link to finances and support coming through loans and agreements that will be for the long haul.  Leo, you’re taking control of your financial situation by developing structure to secure and perpetuate long term wealth, security and stability.  This week is all about feeling secure, stable and in control of your money.



VIRGO – The Virgin – August 23 – September 22

This week brings money, business, career and personal success. 

A great time for buying or selling, marketing or investing your energy

into a successful idea, project or purchase.  Success and personal satisfaction is sitting there especially materially. Material success through loans, purchases, sales or wins could all be a part of this weeks success.  It is something to look forward to as you will achieve positive results and gains leaving you self satisfied!  Virgo, you may find yourself reaping the rewards from all previous hard work as material good fortune and satisfaction is on it’s way.


LIBRA – The Scales – September 22 – October 23

A perfect week for fresh new starts, beginnings or transforming situations in your life.  Symbolic of an ending to a major aspect or

phase in your life but one of beginning something far more valuable or important.  As they say, one door must close for another to open.  However, you may be finding you WILL embrace new opportunities and possibilities.  New changes are coming, Libra.  You are clearing the slate or transforming situations in your life for a fresh new start.  It could be out with the old and in with new routines, habits, thoughts or allowing growth in some area of your life!




SCORPIO - The Scorpion - October 23 - November 23

You may find yourself looking at ways in which to nurture your true self and needs more and in creating a loving, self-care approach this week.  Listen to your intuition; this nurturing may come through good food, exercise and looking at your emotional well-being.  There’s a strong focus on the home, family, female members, your goals and passions.   Scorpio, you may find you’re in tune with yourself and surroundings and in nurturing all that is important to you right now.  It’s about tapping into the home, family, friendships or environments that bring you a sense of feeling happy, secure and fulfilled.



SAGITTARIUS - The Archer - November 22 - December 21

      You may find yourself dwelling on past emotions this week.  You will be thinking about past people, places, life choices or changes that are about to enter. You may be feeling lost, brooding on what hasn’t happened with a sense of sadness, loss or regret over an outcome and wishing things had been different.  Not all is lost, Sagiitarius.  Appreciate what remains, let go of what hasn’t enabled a positive outcome and move forth.  Know that the experiences of the past are here to strengthen you in the future.  Past areas of your life will resurface into your present allowing you work through them, let go, heal and move on or forward to be happy.  


CAPRICORN – The Goat – December 22 - January 19


You may find yourself unsettled or restless this week and thus initiating as many changes as possible in order to satisfy your need for stimulus.  You feel the need for change.  You may find yourself planning trips, searching for interesting things to do or initiating new plans and goals to improve upon your current situations.  Whatever it may be, it’s all about experiencing new things and new paths.  Expect a busier week ahead than usual due to plans or commitments.  You’re initiating the right changes and putting plans into action!  For others, travel and overseas connections feature strongly. A week of many happenings both locally and at a distance.


AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer – January 20 – February 18


You may find yourself practicing wise patience, caution and balance this week.  Find your centre of balance especially in the midst of chaos and you will achieve more.  Remain focused; keep your goals in alignment with your highest good and ground yourself. Take matters one day at a time or as they come, “all within moderation”.  Aquarius, this week is about pacing yourself and creating harmony and routine.   Everything in moderation will help you accomplish more with your time and energy if you let matters unfold naturally rather than forcing them.  Be tolerant of others and patient with yourself by knowing the appropriate reaction to each and every situation/circumstance and taking situations one step at a time.



PISCES – The Fish – February 19 – March 20

Your health and wellbeing may need a bit more attention than usual, Psices.  Greater understanding and healing on all levels is shown for your week ahead. You may find yourself embracing a time of self-reflection, greater understanding and a time to heal be this physical, spiritual, emotional or thought healing.  Your inner promptings will guide and encourage you.  So too the advice you receive will encourage workable solutions to help you to work through certain areas of your life to create a change for the better.  Others may be drawn to a positive time of psychic and spiritual development studies.